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Safety is an elemental part of Dan’s Oilfield Rentals’ operations, intended to protect employees, clients, property, the environment, and the public. Safety is a shared responsibility of all employees and management at Dan’s Oilfield Rentals to ensure the protection and maintenance of the physical, psychological, and social health and safety of employees.

To achieve our goal of providing an accident-free workplace while protecting people, property, and the environment, we are committed to ensuring full compliance with all applicable legislation and governing agencies.

A safe and injury-free workplace can be achieved through diligence and cooperation. All members of the Dan’s Oilfield Rentals community are expected to demonstrate their commitment to a safe and healthy workplace by acting in compliance with the Health and Safety Policy and all applicable government legislation in the province in which they are working.

Dan’s Oilfield Rentals is devoted to the continual improvement of its safety program, demonstrated by the requirement for an annual review of the program through a certifying partner safety audit.

We are proud to be COR-certified and a member of the following organizations and safety platforms: