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About Us

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Our Mission Statement

To provide superior, quality services to our customers through many years of accumulated experience and knowledge in the oil and gas industry.

Who We Are

Dan's Oilfield Rentals is an independently owned and operated company that equally employs a small family of staff located in the energetic city of Fort St. John, B.C. We pride ourselves on being a local company that runs with honesty and integrity.

Dan's Oilfield Rentals has been in Fort St. John for the entirety of our 30-year life span, proudly serving Northern B.C. and Alberta.

Local and remote companies alike call upon our diversified fishing applications, motor service, and rentals. Our customer base continues to grow, as well as sustaining our prior relationships with those who have contributed to our success.

What Sets Us Apart

Our team of professionals holds monthly safety meetings to review all accounts and touch base with each area to ensure the quality of services is being maintained. We strive to be prompt and within the budget, ensuring efficiency within each sector, allowing customer demands to be achieved and local overall satisfaction to be accomplished.

As our customers always come first, we have developed affiliated relations with suppliers and competitors alike, such as DSL, SLB, Baker Hughes, Nine Energy, and many others. At Dan's, we believe that the pay it forward mantra is an asset for our company as well as our customers allowing cost-effective, strategic benefits for all.

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How We Do It

Dan's Oilfield Rentals' reputation has drawn eager and reputable staff for our fishing, downhole tool, and thru-tubing services. We provide the right supervisor and tools to maximize success for our customers. Our field hands range in experience from 20 to 46 years in the industry. Our reputation in the oil and gas industry for the use of our coil and fishing applications shows our ability to achieve success and to adapt to the professional standards to which we hold ourselves accountable. The rental aspect of Dan's has created a unique awareness of ensuring every aspect of the job is thought about. It's not just running a motor or providing just that BHA; it's providing ease for our customers concerning surface tools and applications as well as downhole applications. Being local has its benefits, as it allows for swift and effective time-sensitive situations to be dealt with in a timely fashion.

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